Rampart Range Off-Road Tour

Drive Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022

Drive Distance: 60 miles

Drive Duration: 4.5 hours


Come with us and leave the crowded roads for a Treffen Rocky Mountain off-road adventure that offers spectacular views of Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods and the Front Range as we navigate Rampart Range Road West of Colorado Springs and North to Mount Herman before we descend into the quaint, small town of Monument, Colorado.


Rampart Range Road, which varies in elevation from 6,346 to 9,505 feet, begins along the eastern entrance of the Pike National Forest and the Garden of the Gods. It was built during the Great Depression of the 1930s by the Civil Conservation Corps. The road is often very exposed and unsecured through innumerable twists and turns, offering some of the most spectacular views of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, and Waldo Canyon.


There are absolutely no services along Rampart Range Road, very few "exits" along the way, and cell service will also be very limited. Make sure that you and your vehicle are prepared prior to departure.


The tour will end with a catered lunch at Beasts and Brews between Monument and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


For those who wish to return to THE BROADMOOR together, tour leaders will depart shortly after lunch. Others may wish to explore the area on your own.


Other local sites and interests in the area include the United States Air Force Academy which offers a self-guided tour.

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