Santa Barbara Sailing Regatta

Get ready to experience an exhilarating regatta on the brilliant Pacific Ocean while you are deep within the elements of America’s Riviera – Santa Barbara! Each 4-person vessel includes a certified Captain who will accompany, challenge and direct the team during this three-hour event, orientation sail followed by three 40-minute races. Crew members will rotate through the different aspects of handling the vessel. You will be taught how to achieve proper sail trim, master the maneuvers of tacking and jibing and strategize about how to get to the finish line first. The sun, sea and the picturesque background of the Santa Ynez Mountains will make this a photo opportunity of a lifetime.



  • Dress in layers
  • Wear comfortable, non-marking soled shoes
  • Apply sunscreen, 60-minutes prior
  • Wear sunglasses (with a leash)
  • Motion sickness medication should be taken according to manufacturer’s direction


Before your amazing race, you’ll enjoy lunch at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center Clubhouse. Enjoy delicious, fresh sandwiches from Santa Barbara’s best caterer in this unique space on the water.  Includes transportation to the sailing center, lunch, on board refreshments, vessel Captains, chase boat, trip director, and gratuities.



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