Grant’s Farm and the Budweiser Brewery NDO

Grant’s Farm and the Budweiser Brewery NDO

Do you love beer and horses?  Then this NDO is for you!

We will depart the hotel at 8:30 am and begin our journey at Grant's Farm.  Grant’s Farm was built in 1848 by Ulysses S. Grant. Since 1903 it has been owned by the Busch family, who previously owned the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company. Grant's Farm has been an animal reserve since 1954. The farm is home to such animals as buffaloelephantscamelskangaroosdonkeysgoatspeacocks, and the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales, among others. Grant’s Farm host many.  historic buildings ranging from Ulysses S. Grant’s self-built humble log cabin, “Hardscrabble,” to the Busch family’s “Big House” to the traditional German-style stables and Bauernhof.


Our visit to Grant’s Farm begins with a tram ride through our Deer Park, where you can see a variety of
our bovine and other four-legged friends. Then, we will head to the Tier Garten where we
can enjoy the petting zoo area – featuring the famous baby goat bottle-feeding.  To conclude, we will head to the  Bauernhof Courtyard to indulge in a beer tasting.

Around 11 am we will depart Grant’s Farm and head to the Budweiser Brewery, which is the largest and oldest Budweiser brewery site. 

We will begin with lunch in the Biergarten.  Following lunch, we will have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the brewing of Budweiser*.   Our adventure will include visits to the Clydesdale Paddock and Stables, the Beechwood Aging Cellars, the Brewhouse, the historic Old Lyon Schoolhouse Museum, and the Bevo packaging facility. We will conclude our tour in the Finishing Cellars to enjoy samples of the freshest beer poured directly from the finishing tank. 

We will return to the hotel by 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm. 

* Please Note:  This experience is an outside walking tour that consists of about 2 miles of outside walking and lasts about 120 minutes. Just so you know, closed-toe shoes are required for your safety (no Crocs or sandals).

Price per person (includes all fees, transportation, and lunch) - $150 per person.

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