Crater Lake - Rim Drive Tour

Come join us for a very special driving exploration of Crater Lake, one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon.  This historic National Park includes the scenic Rim Drive, which circumnavigates the unique caldera created by the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Mazama 7700 years ago.  Crater Lake is the deepest and clearest lake in the U.S., creating the most vibrant shade of naturally occurring blue from reflection of the sky above.

The first leg of our drive will last about 90 minutes, including a rest stop, and will take us from Sunriver to the junction of the North Entrance Road and Rim Drive, approximately 10 miles inside the Park.  Considered the highest road in Oregon — its low elevation of 6.500 ft. is 800 ft. higher than the base of Mt. Bachelor ski area – Rim Drive’s 33 miles are posted at 15–35 MPH, reflecting the 3,500 ft. of elevation change, as well as the number and frequency of curves along the road.  From completion of the first iteration of its construction in 1919, Rim Drive was designed to be one of the most scenic driving experiences in the US — it does not fail!

We will break the tour at Rim Village (25 miles) for a picnic lunch and to allow participants to take advantage of the many photo opportunities around the lodge.  Following the break, we will regroup to finish Rim Drive and proceed back to Sunriver the way we came.  If you wish to drive on to Bend, you may leave the tour at the turnoff to Sunriver.


Drive Dates: Thursday and Friday September 15 & 16, 2022
Tour Distance: 200 miles
Tour Duration: 6-7 hours

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