Coker Tire / Tri-state Tour

Drive Dates: Thursday and Friday, April 20 & 21, 2023
Tour Distance: 131 miles
Tour Duration: 6.5 hours*

If you are at all interested in automotive history this tour will be for you. Coker Tire is a special equipment manufacturer capable of fabricating wheels and tires for any historic vehicle you may have. They have also fabricated whole automobiles for movies. Their collection includes cars from many decades. But, their collection is not limited to just automobiles. There is quite a collection of motorcycles as well. There is also quite a history associated with the location, as it was also the site of Honest Charley’s automotive sales in the past.

To get here we will take a three-state scenic tour on mountain roads in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. You won’t be disappointed if you want some nice twisty roads just made for Porsche entertainment. You will also get scenic views of Lake Nickajack before arriving in Chattanooga.

Following the museum tour, we will go to lunch at Nic & Norman’s right beside the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo. After lunch, you can explore the old train station, train cars, and gift shops. They still have sleeper cars parked there, which are used as a unique hotel.

*Includes anticipated 1¼-hour return driving time to the Barnsley Resort.

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