Shelburne Museum Tour

Shelbourne Museum Tour

Drive Dates: Thursday and Friday, September 5 & 6, 2019

Total Drive Distance: 174 miles (roundtrip)

Estimated total tour duration: 6 hours


The Shelburne Museum is an unparalleled and unique experience of American history, art, and design. The Museum includes thirty-nine distinct structures on forty-five acres, each filled with beautiful, fascinating, and whimsical objects allowing visitors the pleasure of discovery and exploration.

Our tour will take us through many of the quaint and picturesque towns north of Woodstock and around Green Mountain National Park as we make our way up to Shelburne and the Museum.

Once at the Shelburne, our guided tour will allow for some up-close exploration of the Museum’s world-renowned collections of art and Americana to name but one collection. There is sure to be something for everyone as the Museum’s offerings are endlessly compelling and its collections extensive.

Lunch will be offered at the Weathervane Café, a bright, cheery spot to refresh and refuel after exploring the museum.

Our tour officially ends upon the completion of lunch. For those who wish to return to the Woodstock Inn together, the tour leaders will depart for the hotel shortly after lunch.

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