Acoma Pueblo Tour

Acoma Pueblo Tour

Drive Date:  Thursday and Saturday, April 26 & 28, 2018

Distance:  167 miles (round trip)

Estimated Total Time of Tour:  7 hours


Join us for a visit to Acoma Pueblo, where you’ll discover some of the centuries-old history of New Mexico’s southwest Native Americans. Acoma Pueblo offers a window into a place where Native people continue to carry on the customs and traditions of their ancestors.


Acoma Sky City Pueblo is built atop a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone bluff in a valley studded with sacred, towering monoliths. Since 1150, Acoma Pueblo has earned its reputation as the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America. The mesa-top settlement is known worldwide for its unique art and rich culture.


In 1629, construction began on massive San Esteban del Rey, a Catholic mission. Both the Mission and the Pueblo are Registered National Historical Landmarks and are on the National Register of Historic Places.


The pottery of Acoma is characterized by its fluted rims, thin walls, and geometric designs. Clay materials are collected from limited sources in the local area and then formed into vessels for specific use. White, orange, and black are traditional colors. Hatching patterns symbolize rain. The influences of the cycle of life, water, and sky are frequently used. It is beautiful work. Acoma pottery is available for purchase at the gift shop.


Dress appropriately for the season and wear comfortable walking shoes, as the 1.5 hour walking tour is three-quarters of a mile long. The altitude is 6,460 feet above sea level, the climate is very dry, and the sun shines almost every day. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Also, it is often windy on the top of the mesa.

A Group B Group
07:45 – Meet Time 08:15 - Meet Time
08:30 - 10:00 Drive to Acoma Pueblo Museum 09:00 - 10:30 Drive to Acoma Pueblo Museum
10:00 - 13:00 Tour of Pueblo and Museum 10:30 - 13:30 Tour of Pueblo and Museum
13:00 - 13:30 Drive to Dancing Eagle Casino Restaurant 13:30 - 14:00 Drive to Dancing Eagle Casino Restaurant
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch at Dancing Eagle Casino Restaurant 14:00 - 15:00 Lunch at Dancing Eagle Casino Restaurant
14:30 - 15:45 Return drive to Tamaya Resort and Spa 15:00 - 16:15 Return drive to Tamaya Resort and Spa



Participants are free to return when they wish, or to “peel off” during the return trip to visit sites in Albuquerque.


Acoma Sky City web site:

Dancing Eagle Casino Restaurant:


Tour Meister Note:  The drive to Acoma Pueblo is west on Interstate 40 with the morning sun to your back.  The view through your windshield is morning light on high desert mesas, and in your rearview mirror is a long line of Porsches. Come with us and enjoy the scenery as we take a relaxing drive to a part of U.S history that only a few know about.